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for over 40 years

FH COMMERCIAL, INC. was established in 1983 as a single proprietor and incorporated after three years.The company’s main products are gaskets, packings & seals, and other industrial items, such as high temperature textile rope, tapes, cloth for heat protection, packing and insulation, sight glasses, level gauges and accessories, compression tube fittings, pipe couplings, ball & needle valves for instrumentation, lubricants, engineering plastic, felt, rubber, metallic and fabric expansion joints, bolts and nuts, industrial valves, blanket and preformed insulation for pipe and equipments and many others.


Our major customer includes oil refineries, petrochemical industries and power plants. We also cater to food processing plants, construction companies, cement plants, sugar centrals, mining and other industrial plants.


After two decade in the business, our network of distribution has covered the whole Philippines with branches and dealers in different parts of the country.At present, FH COMMERCIAL, INC. has an asset of more than 86 million pesos and manpower resources of 50 people.

Gaskets, Packings and Seals Supplier in Malabon - FH Commercial Incorporated
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